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WHAX Personal Lube Ingredients

WHAX personal lubricant is a proprietary blend of components after years of meticulous testing. Our goal is was to create a lube that had the easy to clean-up, non-staining benefits of water-based lubes, that also lasts as long as silicone based lubricants. We created a water-based lubricant - that lasts.

WHAX is the perfectly crafted water-based lubricant

Below are the ingredients found within WHAX personal lube. All are safe to use unless you have a known allergy to any ingredient.

  • glycerin - per WebMD, it's used as a moisturizer to prevent dry, rough, or scaly skin. It moisturizes and softens to skin. Meanwhile, oily skin that is prone to acne and inflammations will benefit from skin-soothing properties of glycerin. In rare cases, as with all substances, some people have glycerin allergies.
  • water - H2O that we drink regularly
  • propylene glycol - broadly used as in food, drugs, and cosmetic industry. The US FDA classified this as a food additive and deemed it as generally recognized as safe (even for consumption). It is also approved for use in Europe. 
  • carbopol - used to thicken the lubricant to provide a better sensation. Used as a thickener in most lotions, creams, and gels.
  • triethanolamine - helps balance pH levels and acts as a cleansing base. Used in many personal care and beauty products.
  • methylisothiazolinone - used to replace parabens (which are bad), this is a preservative used in the our formula. Used in many beauty products such as lotions and shampoos.
  • iodopropopynyl alcohol butyl carbomate - prevents mold, bacteria, and other germs from spreading in creams and lotions. We don't want germs or bacteria spreading! It's often used in mascaras, makeup removers, shampoos, conditioners, diaper creams, and moisturizers. Very low amounts of this are used within our formula, as the only goal is to prevent any bacteria from spreading.