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Why WHAX is the Best Personal Lubricant

Why we're the best personal lubricantWHAX personal lubricant is the only lube that is specifically re-formulated to feel exact like natural, human-produced lubricant. While other brands focus on being the lowest priced, we focused on creating a safe formula that feels the best. 

Natural lube Feel verse au naturale

Some lubricants have emerged pushing that they use only one or two natural ingredients. That is great that they've simplified their formula, but outside of removing parabens from your ingredients (WHAX is paraben-free), there is no reason to remove ingredients that are safe and maximize pleasure.

WHAX is the Ferrari of personal lubricants. Not the Nissan Leaf.

Those who have tried our formula never go back to the previous lube they used to use. The improved sensation and texture created by our proprietary blend of safe ingredients is unmatched by any other brand. 

Un-interrupted Sexual Romps and Masturbation

Whether using lube with a partner for sexual activity or using personal lubricants to masturbate, WHAX is formulated to last. The number one complaint we gathered from focus groups was that water-based lubes are preferred because they don't stain, but water-based lubricants don't last. That's why many lubes are silicone-based - because silicone lasts longer. 

WHAX changed the game by developing the first ever water-based lubricant that lasts a long as its silicone competitor. Now your sessions, whether they're solo or with a partner, can go on without interruption.

WHAX won't stain and is easy to clean up

While WHAX lasts as long as silicone lubes, it's actually water-based. We made sure to create a lubricant that would wipe off easily with tissues or paper towels and won't stain clothes.

Of all the lubes we've tried in our competitive testing - WHAX is by far the easiest to clean up so that you can carry on with your day. Sure, depending on what you were doing, you may want to hop in the shower afterward, but with WHAX, you're not forced to.

WHAX feels the Best with its proprietary warming blend

Part of why our lube feels the best is because of our special warming blend, designed to mimic natural sex lubricant. We've perfected our warming feeling to gradually rev up, reach the right level of heat to enhance the mood, and leave a lasting warmth throughout your entire session. This is why our personal lubricant stands out as the ultimate go-to lube for masturbation.

If you're looking to enhance your moments alone, WHAX is the best personal lubricant for your needs.

WHAX is safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys

Another great advantage of water-based lubricants compared to silicone based, is that they are safer. They won't wear down latex in the way that silicone lubricants do. Water-lubes also won't ruin your sex toys.

We caveat these statements and note that latex is never 100% effective against pregnancy or STDs, also that there's a million sex toys out there and we can't say with definitive proof that there are no sex toys our lube won't ruin. If they can't get wet, maybe they'd be ruined. Not sure if that would be a durable sex toy regardless.

The Proof is in the Pudding with our money back guarantee

We make bold claims about our product. It lasts the longest, it feels the best, and it won't mess up your accessories. However, our statements have no bearing if it wasn't for our strong repeat customer base and our 100% money back guarantee. 

We're able to offer this guarantee because we have a consistently happy customer base that enjoys our product. It's rare that anyone ever asks for a refund, but when they do, there are no questions asked. 

Free shipping and Same Day handling on all orders

Did we mention that on top of our money back guarantee, we also offer free shipping on all orders within the United States? No minimum order quantity or price is required. We ship our lubricant free via USPS Priority mail.

We also ship out the same day you place your order as long as it's place before 2PM EST. If not, we ship out the following morning.