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Why do Men use Personal Lubricants?

Both straight and gay men use personal lubricants

Both straight and gay men use personal lubricants for a multitude of reasons. Both sexual preference types can use them by themselves, with a toy, or with a partner.

Reasons why gay men use lube

Men who are gay and have sex with other men often require a personal lube to have sex. While straight sex, involving a man and a woman, relies on the female creating natural lubrication for insertion - men do not have the ability to create lubrication naturally. The only slight bit of lubrication men provide is the pre-cum that comes out on occasion when they become erect.

Typically, gay lube is required in order for two men to engage in intercourse. The anal gland does not create any lubrication, so in order for men to have anal sex, they must use a personal lubricant. This is why lubes are widely used within the gay male community.

Reasons why straight men use lubricants

Men who prefer female sexual partners often have to rely on lube as well. While women will typically create lubrication from their vagina, some may have difficulty creating natural lubricant. Common reasons are if they are uncomfortable, not aroused, or older. Typically as women age, they will produce less lubrication. This is why many straight couples regularly use sex lubes when having intercourse.

Also, men who enjoy having anal sex with their female partner will typically rely on lubricant for insertion. Similar to the obstacle that homosexual men face, women do not produce lubrication from their anal area. This is why a store-bought lubricant is needed for anal sex. 

Introducing sex lube to spice up the bedroom is another common reason that straight couples will use lubricants. Even if not engaging in anal sex, where a lube is typically required, couples may prefer the additional slipperiness of an external lubricant. The idea of introducing something new to the bedroom is typically exciting and builds on the erotic moment. 

Both Straight & Gay Men Use Masturbation Lube

Both straight and gay men have an additional use for lubricants as well. Masturbation lubes, focused on improving the sensation when whacking off, are a growing trend for the male audience. Using a lube, rather than nothing, can help to reduce friction and enhance the experience - while also reducing chaffing. Using a lube instead of a lotion is often thought to feel better and cleanup easier.

This has created a rise in masturbation lubricant brands, such as WHAX. Our lubricant is a great sex lubricant, but specially crafted to enhance the male masturbation experience.