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Why Choosing the Right Personal Lube is Actually Important

If you're in-market to purchase a personal lubricant, it may seem like a casual decision. You could head to your local CVS or go on Amazon and grab the cheapest lubricant you find. Lube is lube after all, right?

Get help choosing the right sex lube for youYou might be thinking that you're only going to use it here and there, so there's no need to research which lube is the best for your needs. Historically speaking, we agree with you, there hasn't been a reason to factor anything other than price and availability into your purchase decision. But things have changed...

An innovative personal lubricant designed to feel amazing

Innovation is inevitable in all product categories, not just computers and mobile devices. Sex lubricants have been literally left on the shelf for decades, with limited innovation for improving their original use - natural feeling lubrication. Instead, lube innovation has come only in the form of tastes (which still tastes bad) and warming/tingling.

In our effort to focus solely on making our lubricant feel real, we naturally included a warming sensation - as this is the way natural lubrication feels. We did not, however, include tingling due to it providing an unnatural feel combined with our research finding the majority of people do not prefer tingling over standard lubes.

Why choosing the best lube matters

Now that innovation has emerged within the lube market, it has introduced an element of opportunity cost. Choosing an "ok" lubricant based on price alone may lead to complacency. In turn, and we know we're being dramatic here, you could spend your entire life using a sub-par lube. 

Not such a bad deal, right? Well, if you really think about it - you spend a lot of time fornicating throughout life. Way more time than you spend on skydiving or vacations, or some other expensive event you take part in.

Beyond that, imagine the ramifications that could come from this poor experience? Suppose you have a new partner over and the romp session doesn't go well, or they leave with stains from the lube? The result could end the relationship (if you wanted one) before it even begins. 

We can't make the decision for you, but we can recommend a product like ours - that backs their boasting with a money back guarantee.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.