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What is the Best Masturbation Lube?

A phone showing Pornhub sits next to our masturbation lubricant

A growing number of men are starting to use personal lubricant to enhance masturbation. This day and age, every hobby or passion has products to enhance the experience - whether it's a massive computer monitor for a gamer or an 8K TV for a movie lover. It seems only fitting, that those who enjoy watching porn and/or jerking off would have a product that makes this time more enjoyable.

That's why we created a masturbation lubricant

Our personal lube is specially designed to make jerking off feel better. Considering that roughly 95% of men masturbate regularly, we found it remarkable that there were no lubricants designed specifically for individual use by men. Whether you refer to it as jerking off, whacking off, fapping, or any other name out there - our lube is created to enhance male masturbation.

The process of designing the best masturbation lube

We started our process by hosting focus groups where we asked men a series of questions about jacking off routines and certain issues that arise (no pun intended). Our goal was to find out what was needed in order to create the best lube for jerking off.

These were the core issues that were brought up in our discussion:

  • "When using lubricant or moisturizer, I often need to reapply mid yank. Kills the mood and train of thought."
  • "When I'm done masturbating, if I've used moisturizer or similar, I often have a smelly mess that requires me to take a shower"
  • "At times when I don't use anything, I get really bad chaffing - especially if it's a marathon session"
  • "It'd be great if masturbating felt better, but I'm not about to order a weird sex toy for it. It would be great if someone branded a lube that wasn't frowned upon."

Armed with this feedback from our male focus group, we went to the lab and started cooking up the best masturbation lubricant in the world. Seriously.

How does this lube make jerking off better?

There are many ways that WHAX enhances the experience when masturbating. All inspired by real feedback from men who masturbate (are there any who don't), we drew up a unique lube that addressed all of the issues. After rigorous A/B testing, and plenty of feedback, we perfected our formula.

Core features that make WHAX lube the best:

  • Natural feel - We mixed in the right amount of and thickening agent to perfectly mimic natural female lubrication. This is one of the standout reasons that our lube feels the best.
  • Warming sensation - While not unique to our formula, we included a gentle warming effect that enhances the feeling when jerking off.
  • Long lasting - We specifically made our lubricant so that it will last. That is one of the key things that differentiates our product from other water-based lubes, is that it's built to last. Typically, silicone lubes are the only ones that are able to last for the long-haul. Now, we've created a water-based lubes that is sure to leave your masturbation session uninterrupted.
  • Easy to cleanup - Many in our focus group mentioned that they sometimes forgo using lube when masturbating because they don't want a mess afterward. That's why we focused on making a water-based lube that easily wipes off with a paper towel or tissue. While some may use water to help with cleanup, it's not always necessary.
  • A men's lifestyle brand - Most importantly, we've created a brand that challenges the negative sentiment around male masturbation. WHAX is a men's lifestyle brand that sells a product you can be proud to own.

    At WHAX, We're more than just the best masturbation lube - we're a brand that you can display proudly on your nightstand.  

Our numbers speak to our great product

We've created the best lubricant that enhances numerous different activities. Our positive customer feedback and strong sales numbers speak to our successful formula. Our confidence in our product allows us to extend a no questions asked money back guarantee. 

How to buy masturbation lube

If you're looking to a personal lubricant to use when masturbating, then you came to the right place ( the present moment, our product has limited distribution outside of our website so that we can ensure we control the entire purchasing experience. Our masturbation lube is not available on Amazon, eBay, or any other online retailers. That said, it is easier than ever to order our product on our site. We offer free shipping, and when you order a bottle of lube, it will be shipped out the same day (as long as it's ordered before 2PM EST).