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What is a Personal Lubricant?

A picture demonstrating a personal lubricant.

Personal lubricants, often referred to as sex lube, are liquids or gels used to remove friction when skin comes in contact with other skin or materials. Using personal lubes creates a gliding effect as you rub different parts of the body.

Personal lubes are used for different reasons and many different groups of people rely on them. The primary reason sex lubes are used is because one, or both partners involved in sexual activity are unable to product natural lubrication. This is often the case in male to male homosexual relationships, as well as female relationships when the woman is older or for some reason does not produce enough natural lubrication.

Anal sex, whether in gay or straight relationships, is another common reason for introducing personal lubricant to sexual activity. The anus does not naturally create lubrication, so lubes are used as a means of allowing sexual penetration. To this end, artificial lubricants have been a key resource for providing more sexual options in the bedroom.

Personal lubes also are commonly used with sex toys, such as dildos, to provide extra glide and allow penetration. When using a lube with sex toys, it's important to ensure that you're using a lube that does not ruin the toy.

A growing number of men now use personal lubricants as a means of enhancing masturbation. Using a lube when masturbating helps to enhance the feeling while also reducing chaffing. Another benefit is that using lubricants can often soften the skin on the penis to provide additional comfort afterward.